row1 [rō]
[ME rowe < OE ræw, akin to Ger reihe < IE base * rei-, to tear, split > RIVE, REAP]
1. a number of people or things arranged so as to form a line, esp. a straight line
2. any of a series of such horizontal lines in parallel, as of seats in a theater or airplane, corn in a field, etc.
3. a street with a line of buildings on either side, specif. one with occupants or establishments of a specified kind [fraternity row]
to arrange or put in a row or rows
☆ hard row to hoe or long row to hoe
anything difficult or wearisome to do
in a row
in succession; consecutively
row2 [rō]
[ME rowen < OE rowan, akin to ON roa < IE base * erē-, to row, oar > RUDDER, L remus, oar, Gr eretēs, rower]
1. to propel (a boat, etc.) on water by or as by using oars
2. to convey in or on a boat, etc. propelled in this way
3. to employ (a specified number of oars): said of a boat
4. to use (oarsmen, a stroke, etc. as specified) in rowing, esp. in a race
5. to engage in (a race) by rowing
6. to row against in a race
1. to use oars in propelling a boat
2. to be propelled by means of oars: said of a boat
1. an act or period of rowing
2. a trip made by rowboat
row3 [rou]
[back-form. < ? ROUSE1, with loss of s, as in PEA or CHERRY]
a noisy quarrel, dispute, or disturbance; squabble, brawl, or commotion
to make, or take part in, a noisy quarrel or disturbance

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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